Weapons E-Locker

Product Overview

At DASCO, we pride ourselves with being leaders in the secure storage industry. Our latest development designed for weapon storage is like no other – introducing the weapons electronic locker system.

This system is catered to law enforcement applications, taking direct input from our valued customers in the design process. Weapon E-Lockers provided secure storage for individual weapons and kits including unique modular components for carbines, shotguns, pistols, and CEWs. Components are easy to swap if your storage needs change, thanks to DASCO’s Universal Back Panel.

Experience ultimate traceability as our E-Locker kiosk stores a full audit trail of weapon access across your division. Tiered access allows limited access based on user weapon qualifications. Have an officer with handgun only access? Our system will automatically lock out any compartments holding carbines and other restricted weapons.

Customize your software to fit your teams’ needs. Officers can access lockers with their validated PIN code and/or their RFID card. Locker administrators can permanently assign a locker to an officer or withdraw access to the whole system. Set up automated reports detailing who has accessed each weapon, when it was accessed, and when it was returned. Maximum rental times can also be set across the system.

User Flow

The user taps the touchscreen computer on the kiosk to select between storing or retrieving a weapon.

The user scans an RFID card as authentication to access a locker. A PIN can be used as an alternative.

The desired locker can then be selected.

The locker opens for the user to acquire its contents. An audio alert will sound if the locker is not properly shut afterwards.

Locker Configurations

Weapons E-Lockers can be personalized to meet your unique storage needs using the locker configurations shown below. The 2-door configuration is designed for long gun storage, while the 8-door configuration is ideal for hand gun or conducted electrical weapon storage. Kiosks come equipped with an Uninterruptible Power Supply.

Line drawing of weapon locker with configurations
Configuration chart for weapon locker

technical specifications

12-inch high resolution industrial touchscreen display

Software available in English, French and Spanish

Power Supply: 120V AC, 10A/12V DC

Uninterruptible Power Supply upgrade available

Reporting, email reminder and notifications available

⊲ Metal components are manufactured with 16 and 18-gauge carbon steel;

⊲ NEW: Built-in security camera option available for kiosks

⊲ NEW: Customize kiosk screen display colours and logo

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