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Bi-fold weapon rack

Bi-Fold Weapon Racks are the best closed-access storage solution when space is limited. Bi-folding doors save 35% in floorspace compared to traditional locker doors to increase aisle space and reduce mobility issues.

The all-welded steel construction provides high-level security and perforated bi-folding doors allow visual weapon inspection. Bi-Fold Weapon Racks can be bolted to the floor or wall, mounted side-to-side, back-to-back, and stacked on top of each other to configure a storage solution fitted to your armory. Side handles allow racks to be freely transported.

Built with our Universal Back Panel, the Bi-Fold Weapon Rack can be outfitted with various modular components to suit any sized carbine.

All Bi-Fold Weapon Racks are 15″ deep and either 36″ (10 long guns)  or 42″ (12 long guns) wide with the following heights: 48″ , 65.5″ , 72″ , 84″ .

Weapon Storage Cabinet

Designed to augment a secure room and provide an inconspicuous look, these cabinets secure weapons behind a steel bi-parting tambour door and a multi-point lock mechanism. Weapon Storage Cabinets can store any carbine with flexible modular components such as separate bolt storage.

Weapon cabinets are constructed with heavy-gauge steel and are completely welded.

Available Sizes:

60” H x 36” W x 22” D (10 long guns wide)
66” H x 36” W x 22” D (10 long guns wide)
72” H x 36” W x 22” D (10 long guns wide)
83” H x 36” W x 22” D (10 long guns wide)

Swing-Gate Weapon Rack

Swing-Gate Weapon Racks secure firearms with a multipoint lock mechanism that is ideal for restricted access storage. The body of the rack is made with heavy gauge steel and includes built-in lift handles for maneuvering. Swing-Gate Weapon Racks are stackable and can be bolted side-to-side and back-to-back to create a storage layout suited to your armory. They can also be secured to the floor and wall for additional security or include a caster base to keep your storage flexible.

Available Sizes:

48” H x 42” W x 15” D (12 long guns wide)
64.5” H x 42” W x 15” D (12 long guns wide)


Expandable Weapon Rack

Expandable Weapon Racks are the most versatile weapon storage systems available. Featuring our Universal Back Panel, these modular racks can be configured with over 100 components to store long guns, sidearms, ammunition, accessories, and more. Easily expand your storage at any time by adding additional posts and panels to host new storage components.

Expandable Weapon Racks are available in single and double-sided configurations – perfect for bordering your armory or creating aisles to optimize storage space.

EWRs are available in 50″ and 84″ heights and 34″ and 40″ widths.

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