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Secure your weapons with the most versatile storage systems available. Choose an open rack or secure cabinet to neatly store your entire weapons inventory.

Don’t see what you are looking for? We pride ourselves on creating personalized storage systems for every need. Send us your inventory and a product specialist will be in-touch.

Weapons E-Locker

DASCO Weapon E-Lockers are designed for full traceability. Securely store individual weapons & kits with unique components for carbines, shotguns, pistols, and CEWs. Perfect for police applications, register officers through individual RFID and/or PIN entry to access weapons. System administrators can access a full audit trail of system usage across your division. Have an officer with expired shotgun qualifications? Enable tiered access for access to different weapon classes.

Product highlights

  • Secure controlled access with full event history logs.
  • Designated security clearance levels for each weapon class.
  • Integrate with existing RFID access cards.

User Flow & Asset Allocation

The user taps the touchscreen computer on the kiosk to select between storing or retrieving a weapon.

The user scans an RFID card as authentication to access a locker. Dual-factor authentication can be enabled by requiring a 6-digit PIN.

After a successful login, the user can select their desired locker.

The locker opens for the user to acquire its contents. An audio alert will sound if the locker is not properly shut afterwards.

Bi-fold weapon rack

Bi-Fold Weapon Racks are the best closed-access storage solution when space is limited. Bi-folding doors save 35% in floorspace compared to traditional locker doors to increase aisle space and reduce mobility issues.

The all-welded steel construction provides high-level security and perforated bi-folding doors allow visual weapon inspection. Bi-Fold Weapon Racks can be bolted to the floor or wall, mounted side-to-side, back-to-back, and stacked on top of each other to configure a storage solution fitted to your armory.

Built with our Universal Back Panel, the Bi-Fold Weapon Rack can be outfitted with over 75 modular components, allowing perfect storage solutions for all weapons and ammo from heavy machine guns to sidearms.

All Bi-Fold Weapon Racks are 15″ deep and either 36″ (10 long guns)  or 42″ (12 long guns) wide with the following heights: 48″ , 65.5″ , 72″ , 84″ .

Stackable weapon Locker

The Stackable Weapon Locker is perfect for storing guns and accessories for team members and individuals.

Weapon lockers can be bolted in banks – side-to-side, back-to-back, on top of each other – and can be secured to the floor and wall. Equipped with our universal back panel, your system can be perfectly tailored to your weapon inventory using solid-steel components. Easily re-configure components to rearrange your weapons – great for growing teams.

The low-tolerance doors can be secured with additional locking mechanisms for maximum security.  The Stackable Weapon Locker can be paired with the Swing-Gate Weapon Rack for larger inventories.

Dimensions: 48″ H x 14″ W x 15″ D (3 long guns wide)

Compact Sidearm Locker

This compact storage solution is perfect for storing pistols, TASER devices, and small equipment like body cameras, batons, or even evidence. Lockers are available in 4×1 or 2×2 compartment configurations. Each compartment door offers no room for tampering tools and is attached with a full-length, concealed hinge. Lockers can be mounted to any wall or stacked on top of each other and fastened side-to-side. The 2×2 Locker can also be paired with our  Stackable Weapon Locker.  Compartments can be keyed uniquely with an optional master key available. 

4×1 Configuration:
Each compartment is 5” H x 10.5” W x 8” D and the overall locker is 23” H x 12” Wx 8” D

2×2 Configuration:
Each compartment is 5” H x 6” W x 14” D while the overall locker is 12.5” H x 14” W x 15” D

Expandable Weapon Rack

Expandable Weapon Racks are the most versatile weapon storage systems available. Featuring our Universal Back Panel, these modular racks can be configured with over 100 components to store long guns, sidearms, ammunition, accessories, and more. Easily expand your storage at any time by adding additional posts and panels to host new storage components.

Expandable Weapon Racks are available in single and double-sided configurations – perfect for bordering your armory or creating aisles to optimize storage space. Need more floor space? Our wall mounted racks offer flexibility to store weapons over work benches or additional storage.

EWRs are available in 50″ and 84″ heights and 34″ and 40″ widths.

Wall Mounted EWRs are 24″ heigh and are available in 34″ and 40″ widths.

Weapon Storage Cabinet

Designed to augment a secure room and provide inconspicuous weapon storage – great for security stations, police outposts, and more. Weapon cabinets are constructed with heavy-gauge steel and are completely welded to create a secure space protected by a steel, bi-parting tambour door and multi-point lock mechanism.

Available Sizes:

60” H x 36” W x 22” D (10 long guns wide)
66” H x 36” W x 22” D (10 long guns wide)
72” H x 36” W x 22” D (10 long guns wide)
83” H x 36” W x 22” D (10 long guns wide)

5-Drawer Storage Cabinet

The perfect cabinet for storing sidearms and accessories in police stations and armories.

The heavy-duty steel cabinet features 5 spacious drawers secured by a single lock mechanism. Each drawer can be customized to suit your specific needs and includes rubber matting inlays to protect your equipment. Outfit your cabinet with front-to-back or left-to-right compartment dividers or handgun, magazine, bolt, and baton inserts. Our handgun insert stores 30 handguns with 2 magazines each per drawer, totalling a 150-gun capacity per cabinet.

Add protective rubber matting to the top of your cabinet to create an excellent cleaning or round-loading station.

Dimensions: 45″ H x 41.5″ W x 25″ D 

Taser Storage Cabinet

Securely store and charge up to 20 CEWs in a single storage cabinet. A great solution for teams, the compact cabinet can be fully loaded with five secure, two-compartment drawers or left as open storage to fit your requirements. Add power to each drawer to charge your CEW or other small devices like body cameras. Secured drawers can be individually keyed, with master keys available.

Taser Storage Cabinets can be stacked on top of each other and secured side-to-side and back-to-back. Pre-drilled holes make attaching the cabinets quick and simple, and all cabinets come fully assembled with your chosen components.


Dimensions: 26″ H x 25″ W x 22″ D

Swing-Gate Weapon Rack

Swing-Gate Weapon Racks secure firearms with a multipoint lock mechanism that is ideal for restricted access storage. The body of the rack is made with heavy gauge steel and includes built-in lift handles for maneuvering. Swing-Gate Weapon Racks are stackable and can be bolted side-to-side and back-to-back to create a storage layout suited to your armory. They can also be secured to the floor and wall for additional security or include a caster base to keep your storage flexible. Swing-Gate Weapon Racks can be paired with Stackable Weapon Lockers for mixed-use storage.

Available Sizes:

48” H x 42” W x 15” D (12 long guns wide)
64.5” H x 42” W x 15” D (12 long guns wide)

Vehicle Storage Drawer

Secure storage for transporting weapons with quick access by tactical teams with the Vehicle Storage Drawer. These rugged pull-out drawers can store up to 6 long guns with two additional compartments for ammunition and accessories. Gun holders are adjustable to accommodate most rifles, carbines, and shotguns. Vehicle Storage Drawers can be stacked with optional mounting equipment.

Dimensions: 12″ H x 42″ W x 18″ D

Weapon Storage Cart

Designed for police use, easily transport up to 20 long guns from an armory to training facility, vehicle, or gun range with the mobile Weapon Storage Cart. The heavy-gauge steel cart is durable, yet light enough to maneuver through hallways and doorways with welded steering handles and four heavy-duty wheels (rear wheels are lockable). 

Both sides of the cart feature our Universal Back Panel and specialized barrel saddles can expand your storage space and keep weapons extra secure for transportation.

Dimensions: 49.5″ H x 34″ W x 27 ” D

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