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Evidence Storage

Keep your evidence safe with DASCO’s Evidence Storage Lockers. This system is designed to work in many environments and suit your chain of custody model. We offer Closed-Back Evidence Lockers that keep evidence secure anywhere and Pass-Through Evidence Lockers that are installed in a wall between a secure evidence room and a long-term storage area. Both models are constructed with heavy-gauge steel bodies and quiet-close doors that are attached with full-length hidden hinges.

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Closed-Back Evidence Lockers can be secured with an electronic lock or padlock. To use an electronic lock, an officer places their evidence inside a compartment and uses their individual RFID card to lock the door. Once the lock is engaged, only the evidence manager can unlock the compartment with their own RFID card to collect the stored evidence. After the evidence is collected, that compartment returns to an available state ready for its next use. Closed-Back Evidence Lockers are maintenance-free and easy to install.

Available with 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 compartment configurations.

Closed-Back Evidence Lockers are 72″ H and are available in 12, 15, and 18″ depths. Each compartment column is 12″ W, with the overall locker width varying each configuration.

evidence lockers

Pass-Through Evidence Lockers are installed through a wall between an evidence room and long-term storage area, featuring a separate evidence deposit and collection point. To deposit evidence, an officer enters the secure room and places the evidence in an available compartment. To collect evidence, the evidence manager accesses the rear of the lockers through the long-term storage area. The rear side of the lockers is locked with a single keyed security gate for convenient access. 

Pass-Through Evidence Lockers are 72″ H x 36″ W and come in 12, 15, and 18″ depths. 

Expandable Weapon Rack

Expandable Weapon Racks are the most versatile weapon storage systems available, perfect for securing seized weapons. Featuring our Universal Back Panel, these modular racks can be configured with over 100 components to store long guns, sidearms, ammunition, accessories, and more. Easily expand your evidence storage at any time by adding additional posts and panels to host new storage components.

Expandable Weapon Racks are available in single and double-sided configurations – perfect for bordering your evidence room or creating aisles to optimize storage space. Need more floor space? Our wall mounted racks offer flexibility to store weapons over additional storage.

EWRs are available in 50″ and 84″ heights and 34″ and 40″ widths.

Wall Mounted EWRs are 24″ heigh and are available in 34″ and 40″ widths.

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