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  • FAQ

    • Can I store weapons and gear together?
      • It depends on your gear storage solution. Many of our products allow both weapons and products to be stored in the same system. Our TA-50 Gear Storage Locker and Constable Locker are both great solutions for storing both gear and weapons. To find out more, please contact a storage specialist.
    • How much gear can I store?
      • Dasco Storage Solutions lockers can accommodate lots of gear stored in a variety of methods. The amount of gear you can store, ultimately depends on the locker you choose. Our biggest locker has over 45ft3 of open storage. Our smaller lockers have just under 5ft3 of open storage space.
    • Do TA-50 Gear Storage Locker come in single and two-tier configurations?
      • Yes, Dasco Storage Solutions has been building single-tier TA-50 Gear Storage Lockers for 5 years. In January 2020, we were please to announce our new Two-Tier TA-50 Gear Storage Locker.
    • Can I store rifles with accessories?
      • We design all of our products that can store weapons to be able to store weapons with accessories such as sights, grenade launchers, straps and other equipment.
    • Can gear lockers be anchored to the floor and/or wall?
      • Our gear storage lockers are designed to work both as free-standing units and anchored storage systems. While the anchoring method varies, our gear storage solutions can be secure to a wall or floor for additional security.
    • Do gear storage lockers come assembled?
      • Our fully welded gear storage products ship fully assembled. These include our TA-50 Gear Storage Locker, Constable Locker, Duty Bag Locker and Laptop Tower. Our other locker solutions ship knocked down and require assembly.
    • Can I customize the inside of the locker with shelves, hooks, etc.?
      • Gear storage lockers with a universal back panel can have their components be reconfigured in seconds. Both the TA-50 Gear Storage Locker and Constable Locker have this feature. The TA-50 Gear Storage Locker also have adjustable shelving that can be easily rearranged.
    • Ventilation is important for our gear. What is the best option for a secure locker with adequate airflow?
      • The TA-50 Gear Storage Locker line is perfect for ventilated storage. Fully punched gates and sides allow air to flow through the locker. A multipoint lock mechanism keeps equipment secure.
    • Does Dasco have pin-pad lock options?
      • Yes. Dasco has a variety of lock options including pin-pad lock options. Our other locks include combination locks, key locks and padlocks.
    • What is the warranty on gear storage products?
      • Our gear storage products are covered by the Dasco Storage Solutions general warranty. We back our products with a 15-year warranty that covers defects of workmanship and material. The warranty starts from the date of possession. For more information about our warranty, please contact a storage specialist.
    • Where do products ship from? And, is there a duty?
      • All products ship from Dasco's head office and plant in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. There is no duty - the final price is the price you pay.

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