Public Space E-Lockers

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Public Space E-Lockers

New E-Lockers use advanced technology to revolutionize locker storage. E-Lockers are more secure, require fewer lockers and use less floor space than traditional lockers. Use them in shopping malls, amusement parks, recreation centres, transit stations and more.

Accessing storage has never been easier. Our programmable, easy-to-use access kiosk lets guests quickly access storage compartments when they need them. We offer multiple access methods including pay-per-use credit card access. This access model allows lockers to be installed at a very low cost with our revenue sharing program.

E-Lockers are made with high-quality, strong locker bodies, doors and components. Up to 64 compartments are controlled by a single electronic access kiosk. E-Lockers are monitored securely with 24/7 customer support. The lockers can also be configured to send alerts, track usage and limit/extend storage duration.

  • 12-Inch LCD Touchscreen
    12-Inch LCD Touchscreen

    Our big, bright LCD touchscreen simplifies locker access. It controls up to 64 compartments and can be configured to your needs.

  • Barcode Reader
    Barcode Reader

    Our barcode reader ensures regular locker users can quickly access storage with the scan of a card. Set it up with your system.

  • Double-Pan Compartment Doors
    Double-Pan Compartment Doors

    Strong, 16-gauge steel double-pan doors are extremely durable and won’t sag over time. The lock’s latch is built right into the door for maximum security.

  • Credit Card Processing
    Credit Card Processing

    Generate revenue with our pay-per-use access system. Process guests’ credit cards on the spot to allow locker access.

  • NFC Access
    NFC Access

    Quickly & securely access storage with our NFC access system. Locker users tap their secure NFC card to open their locker compartment.

  • PIN Pad Access
    PIN Pad Access

    Configure the LCD touchscreen with our PIN pad access model to let guests select a secure PIN to open locker compartments.

  • RFID Access
    RFID Access

    Locker users can securely and quickly access their locker compartment with the tap of their RFID tag.

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